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What is MenteTM

The award-winning MenteTM
is an EEG device that uses neurofeedback technology to help relax the minds of children with autism, enabling them to focus better and engage positively with their environment.

MenteTM is an easy-to-use, effective neurofeedback device for safe home use by children with autism. Its unique patented technology creates personalized binaural beats, which are therapeutic to those who use it. After each daily 40-minute morning session, it issues a report which records and measures the child’s progress. These reports can be stored, uploaded online to the cloud system and easily shared with medical professionals monitoring the users.


MenteTM is CE Approved
Medical Device & FDA registered medical device.

How does it work?

MenteTM is a system that incorporates a headband and a software component. The headband has five sensitive EEG electrodes that pick up minute waves (Alpha, Beta and Delta waves) emitted by the brain to provide a clinically comparable EEG representation.

The headband connects to the MenteTM software on the user’s PC or Android/iOS smartphone or tablet via a Wi-Fi connection, allowing users to perform their daily routines uninterrupted while it transmits their brainwaves to the PC, smartphone or tablet.

MenteTM interprets these waves, processes them and converts them into binaural beats which are then played back to the child via earphones or speakers, forming the basis of the therapy.

The binaural beats are tailor-made by MenteTM‘s patented algorithm and vary from session to session and from user to user because our brain is individual, alive and dynamic. (In fact, MenteTM should not be confused with musical therapies on the market that promise to treat autism – unlike those therapies which are not medical, MenteTM is a medical device that is certified by the appropriate health authorities: It plays real-time, personalized, auditory stimulation to the patient that is based on his or her own brain waves during the session.)



Feedback from current MenteTM users (read testimonials here) has been positive and parents report that they find the system easy to operate from home. Some of the benefits resulting from the use of this system include:

  • longer time frames of “actual learning”
  • longer attention spans
  • increased relaxation
  • improved communication skills.    

Why is this therapeutic?

People with autism have abnormally high delta brainwaves, which peak constantly, even when they are awake. As Delta brain waves are associated with deep sleep and closed eyes, people on the autism spectrum therefore tend to be isolated, in their own world.

MenteTM uses a specialized system to read the user’s brain activity to identify and reduce these abnormally high delta brainwaves. It does this by creating personalized binaural beats to reduce unwanted signals. This can be compared to noise-reduction headphones, which create counter-noise to eliminate undesirable external noise. The reduction in the users’ delta brainwaves via this daily therapy helps relax the users’ mind to bring about enhanced concentration and communication.

How it Works:    


Science Behind Mente: 

Published research reports, scientific publications and clinical trials are readily available for you to review or download. We wholeheartedly believe in our products and wish to share the science behind them: Please review the list below.

In terms of scientific accreditations, MenteTM is FDA registered (Est. Reg. 310806606) and holds the CE Medical certification. AAT is ISO 13485 certified.

This diagram should meanwhile help further explain how the Mente system works:

Key features include

  • Safe and easy home use
    Light and portable, MenteTM has been designed for home use. Safe and simple to activate, it requires little to no direct supervision and does not restrict patients and data collection methods to a clinical setting.
  • Scientifically certified
    MenteTM is FDA registered (Est. Reg. 310806606) and holds CE Medical certification. AAT is ISO 13485 certified.
  • Comfortable headband
    The headband is ergonomically designed and hypo-allergenic for greater comfort and ease.
  • Daily session reports
    MenteTM issues a report per daily session. These online report record each session and provide graphs that track progress. Users can authorise healthcare professionals to access these reports.
  • Advanced sensory and chip technology
    MenteTM’s sophisticated sensors and built-in chip pick up highly detailed and minute sensory neuro-electrical signals that are key for the ground-breaking therapy sessions and report generation.
  • Connectivity
    MenteTM’s built-in Wi-Fi connection, that links the headset to the product’s software component, provides:
    • Flexibility and mobility thanks to its signal reach
    • A reliable signal
    • A faster, more efficient projection of results.
  • QEEG clinical modulation
    Medical professionals can remotely upload clinical QEEG results into the system, boosting MenteTM’s effectiveness since the therapeutic binaural beats generated can now place greater emphasis on specific areas as quantified by accurate clinical QEEG systems.


In people with autism, the delta brainwaves – which are associated with sleep and closed eyes – peak constantly, even when they are awake, isolating them in their own world. Mente uses an auditory system to suppress these waves.

Dr. Adrian Attard Trevisan,
Founder & CEO, AAT Research