UR Fog

Purifog is a dual purpose automatic cleaning device that helps in keeping your premises safe from germs.

  • Only remotely operated fogging device in Singapore
  • Only dual purpose device for Anti-Theft and Fogging solutions
  • Technologically advanced and cost effective

The special features PuriFog are :

  • Patented
  • The cleaning mist from Purifog remains suspended for several hours , dragging particles in suspension and actively reaching inaccessible corners and with a potential cleaning efficiency that is 1700 times more than any cleaning spray.
  • Can be remotely operated
  • Non-toxic mix that inlcudes alcohol, water, dipropylene glycol, quatemary ammonium salts.
  • Includes WHO recommended 0.5% Sodium Hypochlorite for disinfecting
  • Evenly deposits on surfaces
  • Safegaurds premises from burglary.

Where can Purifog be used
Purifog can be used in almost all workplaces that inlcudes but limited to

  • Gyms
  • Hospitals
  • Private clinics including dentists, physiotherapists and General Practitioners
  • Other offices.